Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014...

The Beeson Boys continue to grow up and we can’t make them stop! Oakley (Boy 1) will be turning 13 next month. I am NOT old enough to be the parent of a teenager! Eli (Boy 2) is almost 11 and Asher (Boy 3) is now 8. Mom (M) and Dad (D) still feel like we are the teenagers, but find ourselves getting more tired trying to keep up with these Three.

The most quotable quotes of the Beeson Household 2014:

1.   While at the Journey and Steve Miller Band concert this summer, B2 commented, “They just don’t make rock like they used to.” #qualityrock
2.   When M stopped by Grandma’s house without the rest of the family, Nephew asked in that darling high-pitched 3 year-old voice, “But where are the rest of your friends?” #familyarefriends #belikeachild
3.   B3 proved he is definitely a child of the 21st Century when M brought in a huge box of fireworks from Costco and his first comment was, “I’m SO going to Instagram this!” #documentinglifemoments
4.   The morning of B3’s baptism, he was asking about some of the details of what would be happening that day, including, “Do they empty the font after each person has their turn?” When I told him no, he exclaimed, “But what if someone pees in the water?!?!” #baptismconcerns
5.   While at the RV Expo, B1 was sitting in the front of a motorhome home in the passenger seat listing all of the wonderful amenities and in trying to persuade M that it was perfect for our family, “And Mom could sit here and read her book and eat her vegetables, like a Reading Rabbit.” #heknowshismom
6.   Beeson Boys take turns cooking once a week and when it was B3’s turn, M asked him what he would like to prepare, to which he responded, “Mom, what do you like to eat because I need to learn to cook for the ladies.” #ricosauveintraining
7.   While in Paris this summer, we were identifying some of the landmarks we could see from the top of the Eiffel Tower. When we pointed out, “And that’s where Napoleon is buried,” B3 shouted, “What?!?! Napoleon Dynamite?!?!” #longlivenapoleondynamite #voteforpedro
8.   After D had pulled the plane up to the gate and had switched the PA on to announce their arrival, he noticed the ground crew frantically waving at him to pull up farther and he exclaimed, “Damn it!” for all the passengers to hear over the intercom. #captaindamnit
9.   When B1 received a text from someone he didn’t know asking for someone else’s number, he replied with a surprise phone number. We know they must have tried the number because they replied with, “Was that a joke? You had me call the Utah Correctional Facility!” #textwithcare
10.A family we have met this year adopted two children from Africa,
which gave them two children the same age, both of which are in B2’s class. When M was talking to B2 about these two sisters in his class and mentioned how one was adopted, B2 asked, “Which one is adopted?” Is it too optimistic to think that his generation is the first to not see color? #allmembersofthehumanrace

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