Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Letter 2015...

Beeson Family 2015 Top Ten

  1. While looking at pictures of Scott while he was in high school, Eli commented, “I like your face now, Dad.” That’s right, Scott just keeps looking better and better every year.
  2. While I was helping out in Asher’s class, one of the student’s Moms told me she had a story to share with me. Her daughter had asked Asher, “Is that your Mom?” When Asher replied yes, the girl said, “Wow, she is really beautiful,” to which Asher responded, “Yes, it’s because she’s so young. She’s only 41,” to the girls whose mom hasn’t even hit 30 yet!
  3. After taking the boys out of school for a week vacation in January, as has been our tradition, we realized the boys were now too old for this to be feasible. The amount of make up work required is UNBEARABLE. When Asher was finishing up his last page of make up work, he looked up from his pile of papers and told me, “Mom, this is your last minute to be DISTRESSED. I’m finished!”
  4. As we were walking off of the plane after landing in London, Asher asked, “Mom, do they speak really crisp American here?”
  5. While struggling to open a water bottle while we were in England, Asher commented, “I’ll bet we have to turn the cap the opposite way because it’s British.”
  6. “You know if you’re driving a Buick, you know you’re about to die.” So any of you Buick drivers, know your days are numbered according to Asher.
  7. “Remember how Trafalga Fun Center used to be called Liberty Land? Now it should just be called Law Suit Land.” Oakley is aware that the sketchy conditions of the Fun Center are certain to lead to some serious injuries.
  8. While admiring the gorgeous cathedral in Delores Hildago in Central Mexico, where the famous cry for the independence of Mexico was uttered in 1810, Asher wondered why so many pipes for the organ were way in the back of the room. He asked, “Did they just use Bluetooth?”
  9. When Oakley said they couldn’t play basketball because all of the basketballs were flat, Eli asked, “Has Tom Brady been hanging around our house?”
  10. I feel like I needed to fly all the way to Ireland to meet darling Mary, who was running one of the bed and breakfasts that we stayed at, to hear this message. While talking about our energetic boys, I told Mary that I didn’t know if I had the energy to keep up with them much longer. She shared a story with me about her friend’s grandson who was also a spirited soul. This boy had decided to take the statue of Mary that was at the Catholic school he was attending and left a note in it’s place saying, “Gone to Knock (a city where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to many people.) This was one of many mischievous activities this boy had been involved in. His mother, just beside herself and not knowing what to do anymore with him, met with the Jesuit priest who was over the school. She said she didn’t know what his consequences should be, but she thought maybe he should have to put on one of her dresses and go to every class at the school and apologize. This Jesuit priest counseled his mother, “Don’t break his spirit.” As soon as Mary spoke those words, I knew it was meant for me. As much as I feel like I need to wrangle in these wild mustangs of mine, I can’t break their spirits. The phrase, “Don’t break their spirits,” is my new mantra- and not just for my boys, but also with all people I interact with. Everyone is walking this path of life they best way they know how and need encouraging and cheering on.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A surprising typecast?

Few things are sweeter than children acting out the Nativity. Asher was cast to play Wicked King Herod. We're not sure if we're supposed to read anything into Mrs. Bingham's choice...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014...

The Beeson Boys continue to grow up and we can’t make them stop! Oakley (Boy 1) will be turning 13 next month. I am NOT old enough to be the parent of a teenager! Eli (Boy 2) is almost 11 and Asher (Boy 3) is now 8. Mom (M) and Dad (D) still feel like we are the teenagers, but find ourselves getting more tired trying to keep up with these Three.

The most quotable quotes of the Beeson Household 2014:

1.   While at the Journey and Steve Miller Band concert this summer, B2 commented, “They just don’t make rock like they used to.” #qualityrock
2.   When M stopped by Grandma’s house without the rest of the family, Nephew asked in that darling high-pitched 3 year-old voice, “But where are the rest of your friends?” #familyarefriends #belikeachild
3.   B3 proved he is definitely a child of the 21st Century when M brought in a huge box of fireworks from Costco and his first comment was, “I’m SO going to Instagram this!” #documentinglifemoments
4.   The morning of B3’s baptism, he was asking about some of the details of what would be happening that day, including, “Do they empty the font after each person has their turn?” When I told him no, he exclaimed, “But what if someone pees in the water?!?!” #baptismconcerns
5.   While at the RV Expo, B1 was sitting in the front of a motorhome home in the passenger seat listing all of the wonderful amenities and in trying to persuade M that it was perfect for our family, “And Mom could sit here and read her book and eat her vegetables, like a Reading Rabbit.” #heknowshismom
6.   Beeson Boys take turns cooking once a week and when it was B3’s turn, M asked him what he would like to prepare, to which he responded, “Mom, what do you like to eat because I need to learn to cook for the ladies.” #ricosauveintraining
7.   While in Paris this summer, we were identifying some of the landmarks we could see from the top of the Eiffel Tower. When we pointed out, “And that’s where Napoleon is buried,” B3 shouted, “What?!?! Napoleon Dynamite?!?!” #longlivenapoleondynamite #voteforpedro
8.   After D had pulled the plane up to the gate and had switched the PA on to announce their arrival, he noticed the ground crew frantically waving at him to pull up farther and he exclaimed, “Damn it!” for all the passengers to hear over the intercom. #captaindamnit
9.   When B1 received a text from someone he didn’t know asking for someone else’s number, he replied with a surprise phone number. We know they must have tried the number because they replied with, “Was that a joke? You had me call the Utah Correctional Facility!” #textwithcare
10.A family we have met this year adopted two children from Africa,
which gave them two children the same age, both of which are in B2’s class. When M was talking to B2 about these two sisters in his class and mentioned how one was adopted, B2 asked, “Which one is adopted?” Is it too optimistic to think that his generation is the first to not see color? #allmembersofthehumanrace

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Surprise Anniversary Trip...

For our anniversary, Scott planned another surprise trip for me. When we got to the airport and Scott announced we were going to Mexico, I have to be honest that my first reaction was not great. So much of what we hear about Mexico on the news is about all the drug wars and kidnappings. Mexico does not have a great reputation. I remember our trips to Mexico with my Uncle Doug and always being very leary whenever we were crossing the border or shopping in Tiajuana. The times we'd been on cruises to Mexico, each of the ports had been filled with desperately poor children trying to sell trinkets. It was very heart wrenching and not a great experience that I wanted to have again. But I put on my happiest face and was just looking forward to time with Scott to celebrate our anniversary.

On our flight, Scott told me more about this city, Guanajuato, that we were going to. It was a new city that SkyWest had just started flying to. Others at work had been talking about how fantastic it was. I was still leery - until we arrived. Never has there been a quicker 180 degree turnaround. The taxi dropped us off at the neighborhood square and we made our way through the narrow streets where cars weren't allowed to our gorgeous little house. It was late, but not too late that we didn't want to get out and explore. We dropped off our suitcases and figured out how to walk to the center of town. This is where a major miscommunication happened and the night for one of us became a very stressful situation. Scott told me he was going to use the bathroom before we headed out. I thought he heard me when I said I was going to start out and he could catch up. The walk to the main plaza was just a few minutes away. I was so enthralled with the beauty of the buildings and enjoying the happy people and all the activity going on, it took me a while before I realized how much time had passed since I saw Scott. I made my way back to our house and Scott looked like he was near-death. He hadn't heard me when I said I was going to start out and he was just certain I'd been kidnapped. He thought maybe the man that we rented the house from, whose house was next store, had come and taken me. He had no idea and was dying over the thought of having to call my parents and tell them I was missing. I felt incredibly guilty for how shaken up he was. Once he had a few minutes to settle down and I apologized profusely, we went out together.

Although it was my first time in Guanajuato, I immediately fell in love with the city and felt like I belonged. This area of Mexico does not have the poverty, drug, and gang issues like so many other areas of Mexico. It's a middle class city with a large university and gorgeous theatre where many productions are held. I loved the darling house Scott had rented and the entire trip I couldn't help but thinking about how soon I could come back and bring the boys. Scott had definitely found our new favorite destination.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Family Pictures 2014...

I love this family! These boys are just so handsome... and Scotty will always be my Hottie!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boy #3 Through the Gate...

Asher chose to be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on November 1, 2014. Mom and Dad gave him the traditional gift of a white towel with his name and baptism date embroidered on it to use after he was baptized. The morning of his baptism, Asher was asking different questions about what would happen that day. When he asked, "Do they empty the water after each person is baptized?" I told him no and he exclaimed, "But what if one of the other kids pees in the water?!?!"

Mrs. Bingham, Asher's teacher, came to celebrate with him. We are so impressed that she devotes so many of her Saturdays attending her students baptisms.

The next morning we found this reading chart for the Book of Mormon taped to the fridge. It looks like Asher has plans to read the entire Book and I especially love his comment at the bottom, "531 pages = super soft heart!!!"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Break in California...

For Fall Break, we headed to California for some fun in the sun and at Universal Studios Park.

 The boys had as much fun throwing paper airplanes out of the 11th story window as they did at the amusement park.

While at the beach in Malibu, we had an experience that again reminded us how aware Heavenly Father is of us and of His watchful eye. Scott and the boys were all swimming in the ocean together and suddenly found themselves in a rip current. Scott could see Asher was struggling and then he was suddenly caught and so was Eli. He was trying to help Eli when he saw a lifeguard jump in and pull Asher out and carry him to the beach. I was far enough away that I hadn't seen what had happened and was speechless when Scott and Asher came back and told me what had happened. It's so rare to see a lifeguard at the beach and the fact one was available right in the spot where Asher needed rescuing is nothing short of a miracle.