Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Break in California...

For Fall Break, we headed to California for some fun in the sun and at Universal Studios Park.

 The boys had as much fun throwing paper airplanes out of the 11th story window as they did at the amusement park.

While at the beach in Malibu, we had an experience that again reminded us how aware Heavenly Father is of us and of His watchful eye. Scott and the boys were all swimming in the ocean together and suddenly found themselves in a rip current. Scott could see Asher was struggling and then he was suddenly caught and so was Eli. He was trying to help Eli when he saw a lifeguard jump in and pull Asher out and carry him to the beach. I was far enough away that I hadn't seen what had happened and was speechless when Scott and Asher came back and told me what had happened. It's so rare to see a lifeguard at the beach and the fact one was available right in the spot where Asher needed rescuing is nothing short of a miracle.

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