Saturday, August 16, 2014


Scott sent me a text on Saturday, "There are seats on the Paris flight tomorrow," and 20 hours later we were on our way to Paris.
The boys enjoyed their first chocolate croissant

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Even though we were in Paris, we ate far too many meals at McDonald's.
There were actually two reasons: the boys are not too adventurous as far as food
and McDonald's was far more affordable than most dining options.

Notre Dame

Oakley studied Joan of Arc this year in school and was
excited to find a statue of her inside Notre Dame

As exciting as the sites in Paris were, the boys were thrilled to play in the
public park. And there was a French girl very interested in Asher. She insisted
she was his girlfriend. 
Scott and I added our Love Lock with our names written on it to
the bridge over the River Thames. The boys threw the key into the River for
us. Our love is eternal!

We LOVED the crepes! Our favorites were the Nutella with strawberries
or bananas. There was a crepe stand on every corner.

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower

The Palace of Versailles is one of my favorite places to visit in Paris. Although the Palace itself is gaudy and too elaborate for my taste, I love the gardens and especially Marie Antoinette's Village.

After we got home, Asher was not ready to have the vacation over. He set up his own hotel, Ameristay Hotel and Spa, complete with key cards. At only $18 a night, I'm sure he will have booked hotel every night!

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